Capital Hill, Sacramento CA 2016

We strongly believe in education we are always the when we can help to educate our local Government.   We are flying safely in our flying cage right in front of the California Capitol right in front of some of the Senators and congress men answering their questions.

Our build a Thon events at the Hiller Aviation Museum

During 2016 have held four build a Thon classes based on the Action Sports kit from the Aerial Sports league. The average class size was six students.

Academy of Art San Francisco  drone program.

Every quarter the San Francisco Academy of Art, starts a new flying course. But you can not really fly safely down town where most of the campuses are located. Therefore we are holding at least three fly days for them each semester.

Featured Events

Summer program 2016

We strongly believe in education we are always will to help out where we. As the Hiller Air museum is located next to the San Carlos airport which is in a Class D airspace it is hard for the kids to fly outside. We love to have the kids over to let them fly here on Treasure Island.

Flight classes:

We do offer custom flight classes, one on one.

We have helped many new pilots to get the first step into the USA airspace. We believe in safety and therefore we offer many training classes.

  • Course 99: basic introduction to UAV’s
  • Course 100:  basic flight training class.
  • Course 102: more advance flight training.
  • Course 120:  DJI Inspire 1 series, basic your AIR FRAME.
  • 14 CFR part 107 training class.

Classroom rental:

  • Seating for 20+ students
  • Digital overhead daylight projector with drop down matching screen. HDMI or VGA inputs ready.
  • 40 inch wide screen TV for computer hookup
  • 4 flight simulators available

Outdoor flying cage Rental:

  • Approx. 20ft x 30ft setup and installation, by the hour fours minimum.