" We build them, we test them, we fly them and from time to time we crash them "


This is Reiner. He likes to teach as well and more

Reiner's model path started back in the 90's while working in a hobby shop, He is one of the original co-founders of the Aerial Sports league which is better known as "Game of Drones".

This is Werner. He likes to teach.

Werner's model path started with RC models back in the early 80's build balsa sailplanes and gas helicopters

Our History

We started back in 2008 figuring things out, we started to tinker, build our own airframes therefore we have use the phrase build it, hover it and then fly it or better know " BUILD - HOVER - FLY ". We are here to help you to build your own aircraft like a UAV or multi-rotor. We can help you to install the latest hardware and firmware into your aircraft.

We always start with the basics first and go from there but have fun doing it. Only practice makes you fly like a pro. Do not be the guy who flies beyond the line of sight, flies higher than 400 feet and closer to an airport than 5 miles, because you could. Fly safe and enjoy this hobby as many have done before you. 

  • Follow the " know before you fly" rules
  • Ask for help if you are not sure
  • Keep calm and fly safe.